Sunday, August 28, 2016

Guillermo Fariñas hospitalized because of 38 days of hunger strike against the dictatorship


Keeping up with the Cubans...

Keepin up with the Cubans.....

*** Rules on reading the daily segment of "Keeping up with the Cubans"

- Please do not read this daily post with a nasily kardasian voice
-Please do not assume or comment that Cubans really enjoy being stuck in a 1959 time warp with no cell phone, no access to the internet, and by the way, NO FREEDOM. It's not cute 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Freaky tweet from Jared Leto concerning the Cuba Trip?

Jared Leto tweeted a freaky picture about:

"New Year’s Eve? Maybe?! “Cuba – New Years 2015/16"

Click here for the picture and tweet.

I'm sure Jared won't tweet about Guillermo Farinas or post this video...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Where are you concerning Fariñas?

Guillermo Fariñas, who is on the 33nd day of his hunger strike.......

SILENCE from Pope Francis and Obama

SILENCE from most Media

SILENCE from the Catholic Curch

SILENCE from ALL of the Celebrities who have visited Cuba

Keeping up with the Cubans......Cuban Reality

All the clueless tourists and celebrities about the Cuban Reality...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Keeping up with the Cubans...


While Madonna celebrated her berzsday in Cuba(a communist dictatorship) and Obama took a long bacation(NEVER MIND THE FLOODS IN LOUISIANA CHICO)........

The Ladies in White(Damas de Blanco) for the 67th straight Sunday were beat up and arrested for their peaceful march and Guillermo Farinas is near death while conducting a hunger strike....

Where's the OUTRAGE from all the CELEBRITIES??

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Hapi Berzdej tu ju" ..........Keeping up with the Cubans

Doo doo doo doo.......

Doo doo doo doo.......

Madonna celebrates her 58th Birthday in Cuba??

Here we go again with a clueless celebrity.....While singing "Hapi Berzdej tu ju" to the material girl and dancing away in Cuba......

meanwhile the Cuban people:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Zika in Cuba

Zika in Cuba......who knew? Well, thanks to the media no one knows about the Zika virus and all the problems with dengue in Cuba. Hold on Vladimer, it's not the crazy Cuban exiles saying this, it's the Cuban Health Ministry saying this !

Funny how the media in regards to Zika in Florida are screaming(danger, danger, danger, travel precautions, danger, danger, danger, danger) and in regards to Zika in Cuba: Silence...........

Can we say HALL PASS for the last 57 years??

keeping up with the Cubans....

Doo doo doo doo.......

The Ladies in White get BEAT UP and arrested every Sunday on the way to church. Farinas is in critical health while on a hunger strike, and Zika is in Cuba(even though the media is totally silent).

Doo doo doo doo.......

Monday, August 15, 2016

Keepin up with the Cubans.....

The TV show "Keeping up with the Kardasians" did several shows about their trip to Cuba. El Cafe Cubano will also like to do a segment called "Keeping up with the Cubans."

On this first segment, the video above shows how the Ladies in White, who for the last straight 66 Sundays have been beat up and arrested while marching peacefully to church!

*** Rules on reading the daily segment of "Keeping up with the Cubans"

- Please do not read this daily post with a nasily kardasian voice
-Please do not assume or comment that Cubans really enjoy being stuck in a 1959 time warp with no cell phone, no access to the internet, and by the way, NO FREEDOM.  It's not cute or hip

Where's the beef in Venezuela?

While the media was all in a tizzy concerning the so called festivities in Cuba this past weekend, they forgot to point out, that their is no FOOD in Venezuela, but the Venezuelan dictator had no problem attending a party for the Cuban dictator.

By the way.... who coordinated the outfits for this???

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Only the dictator's life matters to the media

Typical media spewing all the propaganda for the dictator, not only for TODAY, but for the last 57 years.... The media doesn't give a sh.t about the Cuban people.

Only the dictator's life matters to most of the media and the clueless celebrities.

Monday, August 01, 2016

11th Anniversary of El Café Cubano--a sad day!

This August 1st marks the 11th anniversary of the El Café Cubano blog. To me a sad day because Cuba, still after 57 years is in the grip of an outlaw criminal regime. PLEASE, there is no justification for the revolution and it’s crimes. The SOLE objective of El Café Cubano is that of a FREE Cuba.

The origin of this blog started out as a solemn promise to family member many years ago. I hope I have not disappointed or let that person down?

The name for the blog El Café Cubano came about for two reasons: first: most of my treasured memories growing up were simple things like my family sitting at the kitchen table talking (loud!!) and sipping coffee. My dear mother would always wake up the house with that sweet aroma of El Café Cubano. To this day, when this viejo goes home to visit, my mom will put on the cafetera and the saying: do you want Café Cubano? OF COURSE!

Second reason; On several occasions while praying the rosary at the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, the smell of Cuban coffee would overwhelm me and I would ask others: do you smell coffee? NO was the response, and a look back that I was crazy!!! Now I don’t know the reason, but I believe it’s a sign.

Hence…El Café Cubano

Cuba will be FREE one day and GOOD will reign over evil, no matter the silence from those who stand silently by the apartheid dictatorship.

Viva Cuba Libre!

God bless the USA!

God bless all of you!

Khloe Kardashian ''So Stressed Out'' During Cuba Trip Over Fears Lamar Will ''Run Away'' Again: ''You Can't Control Him''

Not to take light Khloe's real concern concerning Lamar, but in the last 57 years, where is the concern for the Cuban people? Every Sunday the Ladies in White, while peacefully demonstrating on their way to church, get beat up EVERY SUNDAY!!!!!!

While people are taking a hip vaca in Cuba, the Cuban people remain STRESSED from the brutal dictatorship!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Guillermo "Coco" Farinas Hernández on Hunger Strike

"Cuban dissident Guillermo "Coco" Farinas Hernandez, declared hunger strike and thirst, demanding the dictator Raul Castro cessation of beatings of nonviolent opposition in Cuba, Coco in 2010, staged a hunger strike that almost did away with his life. For this protest they were released political prisoners of the Group of 75 of the Black Spring of Cuba and the European Parliament awarded him the Sakharov Andrei Prize for Freedom of Conscience."

"El disidente cubano Guillermo "Coco" Farinas Hernández, se declaró en huelga de Hambre y sed, exigiendo al dictador Raúl Castro el cese de las golpizas a los opositores noviolentos en Cuba, Coco en el año 2010, protagonizó una gran huelga de hambre que casi da al traste con su vida. Por esta protesta fueron liberados los prisioneros políticos del Grupo de los 75 de la Primavera Negra de Cuba y el Parlamento Europeo lo galardonó con el Premio Andrei Sakharov a la Libertad de Conciencia."

Where are Chanel, Vin Diesel, The Kardasians, The Rolling Stones, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Usher, Ludicris, Conan O'Brien, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Questlove, Carmelo Anthony, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Hutcherson, Kevin Costner, Robert Redford, Danny Glover,  and Harry Belafonte?

NOWHERE of course, because when it comes down to beatings, hunger strikes, and lack of FREEDOM, it's NOT COOL enough for them!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Hungry Venezuelans cry at the sight of food, as economic crisis deepens"

While reading this article concerning Venezuelans crying at the sight of food, it brought back a vivid memory of a similiar experience! Back in the early 1980's, my father had a family member visit us from Cuba(never knew the exact details to why?). This family member apparently was with the so called revolution , I could feel the anxiety within my family with the anticipation of his visit. Well, we pick him up at the airport and we stop by a grocery store and we all go in all together, I suddenly notice this family member from Cuba SCREAMING at the top of their lungs RUNNING up and down the aisles saying:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The world has no FREAKING clue about what has happened in Cuba

As a proud American, we celebrated 4th of July with a barbeque with family members to give thanks to this GREAT country and for the FREEDOM that we have!

During the cookout, a family member(rarely talks about this) starting recounting the days that he was a political prisoner in Cuba, and the atrocities committed against them by the Cuban dictatorship. The sad thing is 57 years later, the world is clueless about all the atrocities that have happened in Cuba and to Cuban families.

"Amid Grim Economic Forecasts, Cubans Fear a Return to Darker Times"

Hey wait a minute.......I thought the normalization circus, the filming of the Fast and Furious, all the Hollywood elite visiting Cuba would automatically prosper Cuba and Cubans?

Well..... it's not the crazy Cuban exiles saying this, it's the Cuban dictatorship saying this:

During the economic turmoil of the early 1990s, power cuts in Havana were so routine that residents called the few hours of daily electricity “lightouts.”
Now, grim economic forecasts; the crisis in its patron, Venezuela; and government warnings to save energy have stoked fears among Cubans of a return to the days when they used oil lamps to light their living rooms and walked or bicycled miles to work because there was no gasoline.
Addressing members of Parliament last week, Cuba’s economy minister, Marino Murillo, said the country would have to cut fuel consumption by nearly a third during the second half of the year and reduce state investments and imports. His comments, to a closed session, were published on Saturday by the state news media.
Cuba’s economy grew by just 1 percent in the first half of the year, compared with 4 percent last year, as export income and fuel supply to the island dropped, said Mr. Murillo.
“This has placed us in a tense economic situation,” he said.
Weak oil and nickel prices and a poor sugar harvest have contributed to Cuba’s woes, officials said. Venezuela’s economic agony has led many Cubans to wonder how much longer their oil-rich ally will continue to supply the island with crucial oil — especially if the government of President Nicolás Maduro falls.
Those fears grew last week after Mr. Murillo warned of blackouts and state workers were asked to cut their hours and sharply reduce energy use.
“We all know that it’s Venezuelan oil that keeps the lights on,” said Regina Coyula, a blogger who worked for several years for Cuban state security. “People are convinced that if Maduro falls, there will be blackouts here.”
President Raúl Castro of Cuba acknowledged those fears on Friday but said they were unfounded.
“There is speculation and rumors of an imminent collapse of our economy and a return to the acute phase of the ‘special period,’” Mr. Castro said in speech to Parliament, referring to the 1990s, when Cuba lost billions of dollars’ worth of Soviet subsidies.
“We don’t deny that there may be ill effects,” he added, “but we are in better conditions than we were then to face them.”
Mark Entwistle, a business consultant who was Canada’s ambassador to Cuba during the special period, said that despite its dependency on Venezuelan fuel, the island’s economy is now more sophisticated and diversified than it was before the Soviet collapse.
Besides, he said, Cuba has “this phenomenal social and political capacity to absorb critical changes.”
Still, some are perturbed at the prospect of power cuts. None of the Havana residents interviewed over the weekend had experienced power failures in their neighborhoods.
In an unusually blunt speech to journalists this month, Karina Marrón González, a deputy director of Granma, the official Communist Party newspaper in Cuba, warned of the risk of protests like those of August 1994, when hundreds of angry Cubans took to the streets of Havana for several hours.
Click here for the story.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Pres. Bush presents Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet with Presidential Medal of Freedom "

During a ceremony at the Bush Center, President George W. Bush presented Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet of Cuba with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Biscet was jailed as a prisoner of conscience in Cuba from 2002 until 2011. In 2007, while in prison, he was awarded the medal in absentia for his dedication to advancing human rights and democracy in Cuba.

Obama names hoops legend as Cuba envoy........REALLY??????

Obama names Shaq as an envoy to Cuba? Like this is really going to bring FREEDOM to Cuba. I have nothing personally against Shaq, actually I like him, BUT this will do NOTHING, unless by some miracle he actually speaks the truth about Cuba.

Friday, June 03, 2016

"Obama Administration Hosts Cuban Border Guard Visits"------say what?

Cuban Border guards to visit US bases at the invitation of Obama? Oyeme Obama you have some splaining to do!!! You mean to tell me that you are inviting CUBAN SPIES(no Alfredo they are really just border guards) to our port facilities in Florida and Alabama???

Que cosa mas grande!

Click here for the story

Friday, May 20, 2016

"Cultural Enrichment" in visiting Cuba?

Eugenie Young, a travel agent from California who was scouting out the cruise for her clients, said, "I wanted to get [to Cuba] before Starbucks and McDonald's." Many other travelers echoed that sentiment, even while simultaneously admitting that they appreciated the on-board amenities like air-conditioning and Wi-Fi (something you may be hard-pressed to find on land, although that's starting to change).
I liked the idea of impact and cultural enrichment," said Patricia Connell, a solo traveler from Naples, Florida, while drinking a coffee in one of the ship's plush common are
Cultural enrichment? See Cuba before Starbucks and McDonald's? Really??? That is your rationale for visiting Cuba on the unhistorical cruise to Cuba?
So you don't care that almost all of Cuba's population lives in poverty, except the ruling elite(The castro klan, like Antonio castro above)? so you don't care about that Cuba has been ruled by an iron fist for 59 years, with no FREE elections, and no FREEDOM of speech?

fast and furious in Cuba

Fast and Furious 8 filmed in Cuba? So what's the plot? They chase each other around in 1950's cars, that are put together by a thousand different types of spare parts? How is Vin Disiel and crew in the movie go un noticed in a country, that has one of the most sophisticated security apparatus in the world? That white T-shirt that Vin diesel will be spotted by the secret police in 3 seconds, not to mention the supercharged cars that they no doubt will be driving around mingled in with all the classic cars!
NOOOOOOO ALFREDO.......the scene will start out in Havana along the malecon with Vin Diesel  riding along with a classic Cuban 1950's Chevy with a supercharged engine and a spotless paint job! He will be wearing a guayabera(On this scene he will not be wearing his standard white t-shirt) and he will have 2 smoking hot local Cuban women with him in the car. He will be cruising along, and all of the sudden, another 1950's Chevy, with a turbo charged(No russian parts or boat parts)engine and a impeccable paint job starts giving Vin diesel a chase through the streets of Havana and the secret police will not be aware of this. You know the rest of the story....

Oooooooooh.... they will probably put a line in the movie about the HATED Cuban exiles and the evil embargo, and all of Cuba's ills is due to those 2 items mentioned

The fast and furious destruction has been going on for the last 59 years by a Communist dictatorship!

Friday, May 06, 2016

Shameless Celebrities in Cuba for Chanel Fashion show

Sad, disgusting, repugnant, and devastating in regards to the Chanel fashion show in Cuba. What's even more sad, all the celebrities thinking it's soooo cool and hip to be there in Cuba( a country that has a communist dictatorship).

Just to show you.....they don't give a *uck about the Cuban people.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Carnival cruise Conga line to Cuba

While the conga lines were forming on the cruise to Cuba on May 1st...

Meanwhile in Cuba.....The Ladies in White are beat up and harassed for the 52nd straight Sunday!

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Un-historic Cruise to Cuba on May Day(Commie Day)

Here we go again with the media throwing around the word "historic" in regards to Carnival Cruise Lines to voyage to the Island of Cuba,  in which the last 59 years held hostage by a dictatorship. What's sad is the voyage is taking place on May 1st, a beloved COMMUNIST day.


HISTORIC will be the day that Cuba is FREE.

Happy May Day-Commie Day!